A Better Cambridge Action Fund (ABC AF) is an all-volunteer organization.

We're dedicated to supporting and electing candidates who will take practical steps toward reducing housing costs — by increasing the amount of homes and affordable housing in transit-rich areas + by supporting government housing subsidies and programs. 

We want a City Council that's willing to take concrete steps toward bringing down housing costs — thus creating a more inclusive, more vibrant and greener Cambridge. See our platform

ABC AF is a separate, financially independent entity, affiliated with A Better Cambridge, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, which is also all-volunteer. Its focus is housing policy education and advocacy. 

For updates:
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ABC AF will be endorsing candidates for Cambridge City Council in 2019. 

Timing: Our endorsements will likely come in early Fall, allowing sister-org ABC's planned candidate forum to inform our decisions.

Neutrality: We want our endorsements to reflect a thoughtful process that gauges how serious candidates are about the importance of housing policy for building an equitable society, reducing climate change, and contributing to a thriving, exciting city. 

Thus, AF won't publicly support or organize campaign events for specific candidates before we finish our endorsement process. Our group may nonetheless publicize our appreciation for any candidate who says or does something with which we agree — whether or not we ultimately endorse them. 

In addition, ABC AF officers won't privately organize campaign events for any specific candidate. Officers may, however, donate to the campaigns of any candidates that they personally wish to support. 


Our legal organization:

ABC AF is a political action committee organized under Massachusetts law. It does not take corporate money. It may receive up to $500 per year from individuals. It may donate up to $500 per year to candidates. 

All of our financial records are public, and we encourage you to take a look! Use this link to the Office of Campaign and Political Finance website: https://www.ocpf.us/Filers. We're #80999.