Gregg Moree

What do you think are the causes of Cambridge’s high-priced housing market?

Greed and over population.

How have high housing prices affected Cambridge and the surrounding region?

It hurts low income and working families.

What housing options currently exist for low-income tenants who are not high on the affordable housing waitlists? How can Cambridge help them?

Section 8, co-housing and subsidized housing.

How does new market-rate residential development affect the affordability of Cambridge? How does new affordable housing affect the affordability of Cambridge?

It makes it harder for most people to live.

What is the relationship between the twin crises of climate change and housing unaffordability? How can Cambridge address both?

It makes affordable housing harder to accomplish.

What effects might more housing in Cambridge have on quality of life or the environment?

It would improve it.

Do you support the Affordable Housing Overlay? Please explain.

Generally: It will help.

Would you support eliminating parking minimums for new housing development citywide? Please explain.

Yes: It would lower rates.

Would you support abolishing these restrictions by establishing citywide minimum zoning that allows more multifamily housing? Please explain.

Yes: We need more housing.

What measures in particular should Cambridge adopt to prevent tenant displacement?

Section 8 vouchers, more housing.

What should the city do to increase walking, biking, and transit usage in Cambridge?

Advertise and give incentives.

What should the city do, if anything, to increase funding for housing affordability?

Transfer money from other things.

What other steps should the city take, if any, to encourage and fund the development of more homes, including market-rate and affordable housing, in Cambridge?

Tax incentives.

What other measures do you support that will affect housing or development in Cambridge, which you have not yet gotten a chance to talk about? (Optional)

Tax incentives.

Aside from housing and development issues, what are some major policy priorities that you hope to push for on the City Council?

Education and jobs. The jobs for all these new buildings should go to Cambridge residents first. Climate change needs to be addressed.

What have you done to advance the goals you’ve described in your answers above in your own work? 

I talk about issues. I have been a lifelong resident advocating these issues. We have a long standing traditions in Cambridge of helping to solve issues together and we need to do that again.