Jeffery McNary

What do you think are the causes of Cambridge’s high-priced housing market?

The proximity to some of the worlds finest institutions, for starter. Toss in the arts community, and the richness of life and vision.

How have high housing prices affected Cambridge and the surrounding region?

Housing costs not only affect our community, it's a global phenom being addressed in different fashion. Dispersed family, support communities, changed businesses.

What housing options currently exist for low-income tenants who are not high on the affordable housing waitlists? How can Cambridge help them?

We've got to modernize the Cambridge Housing Authority with imagination and timely addressing of this issue by bringing on new energetic professionals. I lived through the whole process...from street to housing...fighting all they way.

How does new market-rate residential development affect the affordability of Cambridge? How does new affordable housing affect the affordability of Cambridge?

I am a huge supporter of the Barry Bluestone Model, encompassing a tripartite partnership of academia, the City and the private sector.

What is the relationship between the twin crises of climate change and housing unaffordability? How can Cambridge address both?

There is not pat answer to this. Furthermore, such resolutions require partnership with state and national parties. I am the only candidate with experience in executive and legislative branches of government.

What effects might more housing in Cambridge have on quality of life or the environment?

Kind of an odd question, yes? We live in a fluid enviornment. Academics come and go. This depends on who lived where.

Do you support the Affordable Housing Overlay? Please explain.

Generally Not: There are other options to be explored...far less exotic with greater clarity.

Would you support eliminating parking minimums for new housing development citywide? Please explain.

Yes: If owners agree not to buy or park on a Cambridge Street.

Would you support abolishing these restrictions by establishing citywide minimum zoning that allows more multifamily housing? Please explain.

No: lol...think it...

What measures in particular should Cambridge adopt to prevent tenant displacement?

This requires significant exploration and consideration. There's no snap answer.

What should the city do to increase walking, biking, and transit usage in Cambridge?

Safety. Keep streets clean and shaded. Restrict UBER to certain pick up locations, providing City ordered shuttles.

What should the city do, if anything, to increase funding for housing affordability?

Charge Universities a surcharge for all the students has to house.

What other steps should the city take, if any, to encourage and fund the development of more homes, including market-rate and affordable housing, in Cambridge?

Planning. Be proactive to business interests.

What other measures do you support that will affect housing or development in Cambridge, which you have not yet gotten a chance to talk about? (Optional)

Aside from housing and development issues, what are some major policy priorities that you hope to push for on the City Council?

They are legion!!!!

What have you done to advance the goals you’ve described in your answers above in your own work?

I'm a working writer. In another role, I served on the staff of sitting Governor, a Legislative Aide to an activist State Senator, Chief of Staff to a Boston City Councilor. As a senior citizen and decendent of African slaves in america, I will bring all the witness and passion, energy and promise possible to our community...committing to no more the two consecutive terms of office.