The ABC AF Candidate Questionnaire included three yes/no questions, each supported by a longer form answer. In order to provide an overview of candidates in the Cambridge City Council race, this table collects the yes/no answers for each candidate. For more details on their positions, please read the full candidate questionnaire for each candidate.

  Supports the Affordable Housing Overlay Supports eliminating parking minimums for housing units Supports minimum zoning to allow multifamily units
Sukia Akiba * * *
Burhan Azeem Yes Yes Yes
Dennis Carlone * * *
Charles Franklin Generally Not Yes Generally
Craig Kelley No Yes Generally
Derek Kopon No No Generally
Ilan Levy * * *
Alanna Mallon Yes Yes Yes
Marc McGovern Yes Yes Yes
Jeffery McNary Generally Not Yes No
Risa Mednick Yes Generally Yes
Gregg Moree Generally Yes Yes
Adriane Musgrave Yes Yes Yes
Patricia Nolan No Generally Yes
John Pitkin * * *
Sumbul Siddiqui Yes Yes Yes
Denise Simmons Yes Yes Yes
Ben Simon No No No
Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler Yes Yes Yes
Tim Toomey Yes Yes Yes
Nicola Williams Generally Not Generally Yes
Quinton Y. Zondervan No** Yes Yes

* Sukia Akiba, Dennis Carlone, Ilan Levy, and John Pitkin did not submit responses to the ABC AF Questionnaire

** Councilor Zondervan stated "Generally Yes", but has voted no on passing the ordinance out of committee.