Why we keep saying US zoning laws are the legacy of racism

The Color of Law on zoning — Richard Rothstein’s jaw-dropping “Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America

When you say zoning has a racist legacy, people just don’t believe you. Some of our most liberal towns have restrictive zoning — and they can’t be racist, right?

Well … you’d be surprised.

Where’s the proof, though?

We at ABC AF have been convinced by the research of law professor Richard Rothstein, who our sister-org A Better Cambridge invited to speak in May 2018, drawing a crowd of 500+. (Stream his remarks + panel talk here.)

See the full article on Medium — 3-min read.

Rothstein’s larger thesis debunks the idea, sadly embraced by our Supreme Court, that residential segregation “just happened.” He explains the many insidious ways in which our government, at all levels, engineered it.

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